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We are strictly TRADE to TRADE sales : All goods are sold 'as is' and all sales are final - Please refer to sections 1 & 2 in the Terms & Conditions for further information before considering a purchase.

First Time Buyers

Buying Ex Catalogue stock is unlike buying wholesale stock from any other regular wholesaler. The goods are sold in mixed pallet or parcel lots and every pallet is different. The pallets are made up and delivered into us by the mail order companies we deal with.

The retail values the mail order give can be an issue, they always use the retail value that the item was sold at, if they have since reduced that price it will still be listed at the higher selling price, what is important is what this will cost you. As long as the cost price of an item allows you to earn money the retail doesn't really matter. They have to use the retail value to ensure they have a standard cost value.

What you are buying is stock they no longer want and are making a loss on. You will get overs and unders, items listed incorrectly or even a part of an item. Fortunately these issues are rare but they are part of buying and we cannot and do not offer credit or refunds should you buy a parcel and have something missing. To make sure this rarely happens we do an item count on parcels so normally pick up any major problems.

The stock is graded returns so you will get damaged and broken items and you must be able to make repairs to get the most profit. Even in parcels sold as clearance or end of line you may get a damaged item, it shouldn't happen but it can. Please check the Grades Explained section before you buy, we cannot accept returns on any parcels.

If you are buying the general customer returns then you will get broken, damaged, faulty and saleable items mixed within the parcels. The amount will vary pallet to pallet and there is no average. You can get good and bad pallets and the condition can also vary depending on where the stock came from. Some companies go through the returns, some don't. You also need to understand that every item has been sent out and returned, so you are not going to get brand new stock as a rule. It's all about opinion with the returns they do not suit everyone and you do have to put more work into these.

Please remember : All sales are final, If you buy returns then realise you cannot handle it or make the repairs required we do not take stock back.

Whilst it is important to know your market and what you can sell goods on for its also important to be realistic when searching for a price that an item sells for. Just because you find a single item at a price on ebay or Amazon it doesn't mean this all you can achieve for an item. They may be selling a one off or limited stock or simply getting rid of something. Always work out a rough average then decide what you will sell at to be competitive.

If you are unsure about anything at all please ring us or email us. It's better to ask us than be sorry or unhappy with a parcel you buy. We are honest about the stock because we know there is good profit in the parcels for anyone who is willing to work on it. We also know that the goods do not suit everyone so once we get an idea of what and how you are selling we can advise accordingly.