Returns Returns : These are simply items which have been ordered from a mail order company and then sent back by their customer. The reasons for a customer returning an item are endless, they include items damaged in transit, parts missing, the wrong colour, the item didn't match the description or just that the customer was not happy when it arrived.

You can also find items that have been used and gone faulty or an item that has been damaged by the customer and then returned. The amount of good to bad in every parcel is different and you do need to be able to check, repair and maybe make one good out of two faulty items. Whilst the work involved in these pallets is more involved, they are normally sold at a lower % of the retail value and allow for a much better profit for customers willing to put the extra effort in.

Clothing Returns Can include used, and faulty items but normally the damage is minor or simple repairs. The item is deemed to be better than a Grade 2 but not as good as a Grade 1 so yo will have to check and refurbish/repair some items

Unboxed Returns: To keep the overall quality of returns as high as possible, if we see an unboxed item we remove it from the standard returns and sell them as a parcel of Unboxed Returns at a lower percentage. We also do this because and unboxed item can be in a poorer condition overall when it has no packing and its been through the returns process.  These parcels are highly sought after because they are so cheap.