These are stocks which have been cleared from the source company to make way for new stocks. They are not sold as Brand New stock.The vast majority of this stock is from the warehouses of some of the largest Mail Order companies in the UK and, as such, is believed to be in perfect condition. It is always possible to get seconds or warehouse damaged good so please bear this in mind.

In addition to the warehouse clearance we also receive stocks which are shop or Ex Display. Whilst condition of these items is also believed to be perfect you can find some that the general quality is not as good or that you receive shop soiled items, we have also found some store clearance items have been originally returned to the mail order company or are refused deliveries but are in original condition and are therefore resold. Just because an item has a return note it does not make it a damaged or faulty item.

The only down side to these lots would be that they can be older goods as some companies hold them in storage to ensure they are not released into the market at a reduced value whilst they are still selling them themselves.

Warehouse Damaged This are stock that has been damaged within the warehouse system, either by transport from place to place or poor handling

They can vary in condition but they are new its, that have been damaged, not return goods