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Supplying Ex Catalogue, Surplus, Clearance and End of Line stock worldwide


Furniture is available in many different ways. We have single pallets, multi pallets (2-3 pallets) and also 20ft and 40ft container lots. Regardless of the size of the parcel the mixture on each is different.

They can include a full range of items such as Nest of Tables, Wardrobes, Hi Fi Units, Table and Chair Sets, Coffee Tables, Bunk Beds etc in fact they can contain a range of any stocks you would find in any major UK mail order catalogue. 

Delivery can be a problem with our Furniture lots. Single pallet lots are easily sent and some 2 or 3 pallets can be also. For some lots though our carrier has to charge for larger lots as some single pallets overhang and take the space of two lots. This can cause high delivery charges. We normally advise customers to either rent a vehicle and collect or buy enough volume to allow us to use our own vans to deliver. We can then deliver the goods at cost rather than paying for the profits of a carrier.

Our container lots are available either as full 40ft loads within the warehouse or, if you have bought the smaller lots you can also get trailers direct. For details of these direct lots please contact us as they change on a daily basis.

We have both Customer Returns and also end of line or Clearance stocks details of our current stocks can be seen be following the links below



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