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Supplying Ex Catalogue, Surplus, Clearance and End of Line stock worldwide

Clothing comes in to us from a number of different companies and different grades. The main supply is of course mail order companies. These are normally graded as either Grade 1, Grade 2 or clearance stock. 

Grade 1 is normally sold in carton lot parcels, i.e. there are around 30 items in a single carton and they are either men's, ladies, outsize, dresses etc. you will see from the current stock that there are a number of different types available. A Grade 1 return is normally a return they can find either no fault or very slight fault / second but they are still returns.

Grade 2 stock is sold in 6 box lots and pallet lots. These are normally current catalogue but they have been returned as either damaged, faulty, washed or worn items. We have a high demand for this stock and at times we do not have anything for sale on the site. In this category we also have our Lucky Dip Mixed Grade pallets, items sold at just 1 an item, normally around 400 pcs per pallet. Once again these come in every two weeks or so and are sold within an hour of hitting the web.

In addition to the Grade 1 and Grade 2 we also get clearance end of line and QA Rejects. These are normally brand new and are offered as a line rather than a mixed lot. Sometimes you have slight seconds or faults such as the wrong size etc. but the item is normally new and as the catalogue company get it. To view our current stock just follow the links below.


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