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Multi Pallet Discounts

Multi Pallet Discounts

We have now set up an automatic discount matrix that covers the back of the book stocks. The pallets not covered by these discounts are basically clothing, footwear, bedding and any pallet already reduced. In addition some seasonal stocks such as Toys may not always be included.
How does it work?
In short, if you buy 5 individual pallets or more you will receive 5% discount on each of the pallets you choose. For example you could buy 2 Electrical, 2 Hardware and 1 Mixed lot and receive 5% off the total cost.
We have also set up a 10% discount matrix for customers who purchase 10 individual pallets or more. It works in the same manner and covers all the pallets (apart from those shown) so if you buy 4 pallets that qualify and one that does not, you will not get the discount.
This does not include any single line items at all, it is just for pallet lots but we feel it will allow customers more freedom to mix a parcel and get a good discount without having to ring us first. 
If you have any questions please ring and we will try to answer them for you.

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